Hello. Welcome.
I am photographer / designer / fine artist – or you can say an all around creative. I love the creative process. I also think that the world holds so much beauty – you just need to look for it. Capturing this beauty moves my finger on the camera shutter. Documenting life. Documenting moments. In my life and in the life of someone else. You will almost always find me with a camera in my hand. Photography is my passion project.

My work is organic and I love to use natural light to capture honest moments.

I live in San Diego, with my family. I love our city and So Cal, but it being “on the road” makes me feel fully alive. There is something addicting to discovering new places and welcoming the day in a new city. I make it a point to get up before the first light and experience sunrise every place I travel.

Looking forward to hearing from you and possibly capturing some memories for you.
Hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.


I also run a design studio – sabinacreative.com